Equine Reproduction

In response to the growing demand for unparalleled services for the horse breeding industry, South Valley Repro is now providing regular breeding services at two locations. Our main location in Saratoga Springs, and at our Farr West location in Heritage Ranch. Now in its 16th year, South Valley Repro is a full-service equine reproduction facility that provides quality services with technological advances in reproduction. Feel free to bring your mares into us at either location for their reproductive management needs. We offer basic management services such as palpations to set your mares up for semen orders and artificial insemination as well as advanced diagnostic procedures to help sort out your problem mares. In addition to basic reproductive services we offer advanced reproductive techniques such as embryo transfer and later this year we will be offering oocyte collections for the ICSI process. We are excited for this upcoming season, and cannot wait to be of service to you. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your breeding needs!

Reproductive Services

  • Ultrasound Palpations
  • Fresh/Cooled Semen AI
  • Frozen Semen AI
  • Pregnancy & Heartbeat Confirmation
  • Stud Collections
  • Shipped Semen
  • Stallion Management
  • Freeze Semen
  • Embryo Transfers
  • Oocyte Aspiration for ICSI processing
  • Embryo Vitrification

Contact Lindsay Nold, Breeding Manager

801-766-3853 or lindsay@svlac.com

Main Clinic & Repro Center
122 W. 400 N.
Saratoga Springs, UT
(801) 766-3853

Northern Utah
1892 W Heritage Ranch Dr.
Farr West, UT
(801) 621-4464